by Invoking the Abstract

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released July 24, 2012

Recorded/Produced/Mixed at Majesty Productions.



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Invoking the Abstract Columbia, South Carolina

Formed in January of 2010, Invoking the Abstract is just five dudes who love to shred, while taking every step to evolve musically and progress to the next plateau.

For all inquiries; invokingtheabstract@gmail.com


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Track Name: Mad Incarnate
Now dawns the age of lunacy, spurred by whispers tempting from the deep.
O' horror of horrors yet revealed, your reign approaches to procure your realm.
'Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Here, out of time, the slumbering ancient lies;
where death and dreaming have become one.
An elder entity beyond the grips of our reality!
Where madness has been birthed, our lord waits to return.
Where madness has been birthed, our lord waits to return.
Our lord waits, our lord waits, our lord waits...
O'Terror beyond the vise of time, lumber forth with the astral conjunction.
A doomed fate we have come to nourish;
The sea gapes, bidding the madness to surface...
Reclaim your kingdom.
His return hails the end; an epoch of lunacy.
Reclaim your kingdom.
Track Name: Enter Xibalba
Deep beneath the ancient Earth, Vows escape with baneful mirth...
"I shall be reborn, free from the abysmal source,
By the blood of their own, I shall be restored!"
Crowns devoid of their humanity bow to idols of hypocrisy.
Now, their horrors plague the providence while doubt hangs on their every mortal whim.
Creatures of heresy, yet they pray, "We shall serve the Gods".
I am nourished by their impudence...
Let the world fear my rage.
They bow. They kill. Wage war. Confess.
And from the foul abyss, I'll rise...
Spurred by the veil of night, my evil plight shall inherit Earth
To feast on the wicked ways and the ignorance of their holy word.
Oh, by thy cursed might, I shall snuff the light of their false way.
Creatures of madness and insatiable hunger; Mankind.
Let them personify their own fears;
Creatures sheltered in sin.
Hell brought down on the foolish prophets,
Seeking reverence in their holy sins.
Hell brought down on the foolish prophets,
Spewing faulty gospel from their lips.
Hell brought down on the foolish prophets,
Festering in their own exalted filth.
"Bound from the depths, I have sealed their fate..."
Track Name: Dark Hand
This world must be vanquished.
By the blood of heroes, we shall be reforged.
Spewed from the vespers of our avarice, we shall bring them...
We shall bring them death from the Black Spire;
Manifest of dark desire,
forged on the backs of dead gods.
Spewing from the vespers...
Spewing from the vespers...
And in the absence of their gods,
We shall scathe this world with a dark hand.
Scathing the Earth. Vanquish the Earth.
Spewing from the vespers...
Spewing from the vespers...
Fear the night. Dark Hand rides.
In the wane of the sun, our strength shall swell.
In the trance of the moon, our conquest sealed.
Behold, the end. Behold. Behold.